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Title: In the Silence
Author: Esse
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Rating: T
Warnings: Suicide attempt
Story Links: FFnet
Author Links: FFnet
Summary: Three hundred years is a terribly long time.
The man blinks, a darkening of viperous eyes — then lowers his arm as — something, some misplaced emotion — crawls across the perfect wasteland of his features. "Is he, my Daughter?" He lets out a sigh, a sigh of shadow and sorrow. "Truly? Then perhaps we should be properly introduced."

She hesitates, biting at her lower lip with gleaming, sharp teeth; considers, then nods. "Perhaps you should. Jack..." She pulls back her cloak, pulls back the security of her hair, exposing him to the man's dark scrutiny. "This is my Father, Kozmotis Pitchiner—"

"Pitch," he corrects, his voice genteel but with cruel, hidden reverberations. "You may call me Pitch. But then, we already know each other, don't we, Jack?"


Every child knows the Boogeyman.

Reccer's Notes: Book verse rather than movie verse- Mother Nature! Moonbeams! Katherine! Time-traveling Pooka! I'm not entirely sure how much is taken from the book and how much is author expansion, but nevertheless, there are some beautiful lines on fear and children and belief, and the imagery is to die for.

This fic covers Jack's first three hundred years- but don't go in expecting drabbles of OC-spirit-ignores-Jack. It's more... Jack learning, though that seems to be a woefully inadequate description.
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