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Title: Evil Has Never Loved You As I Do
Author: palmtreesky
Fandom: Young Justice
Rating: T
Story Links: lj | lj (yj anon meme)
Author Links: lj
Summary: What if the YJ team were the child soldiers/covert team of a Crime Syndicate/Justice Lords fusion.

Superboy wants to believe in Superman. Superboy wants to believe in the world Kaldur describes for him as they walk back to the mountain. Kaldur believes, Superboy sees. But Superboy thinks of Wally’s brilliant grin and Robin’s terrible laughter and he doesn’t understand. If they do bad things, to make a world without evil,-

“Where are we, in the perfect world?”

Kaldur pauses, surprised. He places his hands on Superboy’s shoulders.

“We aren’t,” explains Kaldur gently, and his eyes are sad, but without mercy. “To be fair, I do not know what plans Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Batman have for Wally, M’gann, and Robin. I do not know what plans Superman has for you. Our teammates are perhaps too young to know this. But we are monsters, Superboy. There is no place for us in that world.”

That night, when he’s alone, Superboy tries to imagine Kaldur’s perfect world, the world Kaldur would give his soul for.

Superboy can't imagine any world without Robin, Wally, and Kaldur, let alone a perfect one.

Reccer's Notes: Focuses on Superboy after he's... rescued... from Cadmus, and inducted into the Team.

<3 the characterization. Their reasons- which I won't spoil- for being "evil" are quite fitting.

There's also a(n incomplete) sequel and sidestories/backstories at the anon meme.
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