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Title: The Colder Water
Author: Quillslinger
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: T
Story Links: FFnet | lj
Author Links: FFnet | lj
Summary: The devil is in the details. Shisui. Itachi. A sorta love story. Novella.

In fact, Itachi was probably the closest thing to a sibling that he had—a fact that was as depressing as it was perplexing—and Shisui had definitely never hugged him. This brought on a whole new tangent of thought wherein he tried to count the number of people he had hugged in his lifetime. The fact that Itachi was his longest-slash-closest friend, and yet Shisui had hugged other people but not him spoke volumes about the both of them, and all of sudden, Shisui felt maybe he was not okay with that.

Then again, the entire venture was doomed to end in tragedy anyway. He could already imagine how it would go. The outcome was limited to one of the following:

1. Itachi would kick his ass.

2. Shisui would develop a myocardial infarction brought on by humiliation.

3. Itachi would do nothing, would stand there like a fucking plank of wood while Shisui attempted to wrap his arms around his shoulders and give him halfhearted pats on the back. This would go on for all of three dead silent minutes, at which point Itachi would kick his ass and/or Shisui would develop a myocardial infarction brought on by humiliation.

Reccer's Notes: An interesting cocktail of humor and drama- Shishui as a narrator is hilarious. The minutiae of daily shinobi life is somehow made interesting. Danzo is called "resident ghoul and esteemed leader of the Vampiric Assholes Squad", and if that doesn't say it all I don't know what does.

But it's not all happytimes; this is set directly before the Uchiha Massacre, and as Itachi's Uchiha best-friend-maybe-more, he's intrinsically involved in the Uchiha coup drama. He doesn't actually know everything, though, and the underlying thread of tension throughout the lightheartedness is wonderfully done.

(Knowing what is to come is... very depressing.)

And, ooh, the characterization. Baby Sasuke is adorable, Itachi is not an actual emotionless rock, the Hokage is neatly balanced between Too-Sentimental Grandpa and Machiavellian Shinobi Leader, Shishui is despite his personality still an Uchiha, and Danzo is a manipulative bastard.
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