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2015-11-08 12:15 pm

[Homestuck] Our Lives On Holiday

Title: Our Lives On Holiday
Author: ashkatom
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: E
Warnings: Violence, Helmsman consent issues (not sex, being used as a battery)
Story Links: AO3
Author Links: AO3 | tumblr
Summary: Wherein a debt is called, FLARP is played, and suddenly Sollux Captor finds himself in the middle of a terribly-planned coup. Contains caste politics, an incredible amount of snark, an inadvisable basement operating theatre, quite a lot of relationship drama, and too many fucking pesterlogs since our hero never leaves his hive.

==> Play the game

Excerpt )
Reccer's Notes: Surprise! This fic is not here because I got a worldbuilding boner over it. It's here for the characterization boner I got over it. (...Okay, maybe it's not that surprising.) Homestuck characters can be tricky to manage- especially Vriska, who is one fucked up troll.

This fic is Sollux-centric, and is told from his point of view, which done well, as it is here, is a feat not to be sneezed at. Aradia's alive, and their relationship is a thing to behold. The relationships in general are done nicely.

To sum up: Good plot and writing, but most of all this fic has lovely characterization.

(Really tempted to tag "irons in the fire" or "plot shenanigans". Not legit tropes; must resist)
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2015-05-10 04:13 pm

[Teen Wolf] Hide Of A Life War

Title: Hide Of A Life War
Author: Etharei
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Rating: E
Warnings: Graphic Descriptions of Violence, technically there's a mention of past underage relationship...?
Story Links: AO3
Author Links: AO3 | lj | dreamwidth
Summary: “We have received confirmation that there is a hostage situation in progress at a warehouse compound two hours out of Los Angeles, following a multiple-vehicle pileup on Highway 101 this morning...”

The one in which Stiles has lived to (legal) adulthood and, along the way, become a bit of a badass himself.
Excerpt )
Reccer's Notes: The thing with stories with a supernatural/fantasy setting is that you have humans and not-humans, and those not-humans tend to be faster or stronger or magical or have better sense or whatever. Better in some shape or form. They have a leg up, so to speak. And this fic? Showtime for the human.

That's not all, though. It's spiced up by the fact that Stiles's dad is there and he knows that Stiles has been hiding something but not what and Stiles sorry but your dad has had enough and is not falling for your evasions.

And, Sterek relationship crisis. Idiots, those two are.

Admittedly, the way the fic is spliced up into scenes and arranged in not-quite chronological fashion for max impact can be a little confusing.