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Just so we're clear, an overview of what I will tag, what I won't tag, how I tag, so on and so forth. Suggestions for changes in the general policy or the tags of a specific entry are welcomed and will be considered, but please provide a reason.

Tag types, in no particular order:
  • Fandom (e.g. fandom: harry potter)
  • Author (e.g. author: vathara)
  • Character (e.g. character: sato toshiko)
  • Pairing (e.g. pairing: hs: dave/terezi)
  • Wordcount (e.g. wordcount: 0 - 1,000)
  • Warning (e.g. warning: dubcon/noncon)
  • Rating (e.g. rating: m)
  • Trope (e.g. trope: outsider pov)
  • Type (e.g. type: #fic)
  • Site (e.g. site: fanfiction.net)
  • Status (e.g. status: complete)
Things of note: 

Pairings are sorted by fandom- the fandom name is abbreviated in the tag. Crossover pairings will have "xover" as the pairing. Fandom-specific tropes will also have the abbreviated fandom name in the tag.

Character-  Characters will be tagged by their full names (not counting middle names) if known, with first name in front of the last name except in the case of Japanese/Chinese names, in which case their last names will be first. Superheroes, if any, will be listed by their real names/secret identities. OCs will be tagged as "character: oc". 

Edit: About the no-middle-names... I am making an exception for Kischur Zelretch Schweinog, because he's generally known as Zelretch. I think. 

Pairing-  Name/name. Or whatever they are usually referred to as. Portmanteau/other ship names are not used.  The order of names is determined by alphabetical order.

Wordcount- Sorted into 0 - 1,000, 1,000 - 5,000, 5,000 - 10,000, 10,000 - 50,000, 50,000 - 100,000 and 100,000+.

Warning- Any triggers/warnings such as explicit sex, rape, torture, etc. For underage sex warning purposes,  the legal age for drinking and sex is 18. I will not tag character death, implied sex, swearing, nudity, or homosexual relationships/yaoi/slash/boys-love/shonen-ai as warnings.  Violence is... a bit iffy, as well. I'll try to tag it if it gets really graphic, but my idea of what counts as "graphic" may not match up with other peoples'. There is a "warning: none" tag.

Rating- Currently using the AO3 rating system- Gen, Teen, Mature, and Explicit. Author's rating is used.

Trope- technically these should be literary devices, but is really just my umbrella term for aspects of the plot that don't go under the other tags. Things ranging from time travel to sentient cities to kidfic to outsider POV.  Only if not canon. I will not be tagging every Harry Potter rec with "trope: wizards" or every Naruto rec with "trope: ninjas".  
Type- There are, as of now, 6 categories: character study, oneshot, multichapter, homestuck style, part of 'verse, and # fics. # fics would be those with a numbered format, such 5 +1 or 20 truths, usually prompt fic.  "Homestuck style" is me giving up on sorting fanworks done in the format of Homestuck, and "part of 'verse" is for works that are part of an expanded universe of its own. 

Site- The sites where the fic is found are tagged. Any personal sites are tagged as "site: other".

Status- Complete/Incomplete. No WIP or Dead or Hiatus or Dormant or whatever; that kind of thing can change at the drop of a hat and is, quite frankly, too troublesome to tag.

Misc tagging notes:

On AUs:
  • AUs fall under the tropes category.
  • Different types of AUs will be tagged, like historical AUs or highschool AUs.
  • There is a plain "trope: au" tag for those who don't discriminate when it comes to their AUs.
  • If the characters actually go into another universe, that's Alternate Dimension. AUs are taking the characters and dumping them in all sorts of settings.
On Fusions (and Crossovers):

  • Fusions are considered AUs
  • Crossovers are not considered AUs.
  • As of now, fics are considered fusions if characters from one fandom are placed into 
  • It only counts if their backstories are changed to match. Otherwise it's a crossover.
  • The "fusion fandom" tag is the fandom of the setting.
Trope: Skimming- Skimming is my own term for a kind of writing that involves interconnected scenes spanning long periods of time. Like if you plucked all the scenes that pertained to one specific thing out of a book, only much smoother than if that were the case.

 Changes being considered:

Adding "trope: canon-compliant"

Genre tags. But they're rather difficult to define, so for now, nope.

Going past 100.000+ for wordcount tags.

Tagging <> <3 c3< <3< in homestuck.



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