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Title: These Waking Dream Walk Among Us
Author: TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Rating: Gen
Story Link: AO3
Author Link: AO3
Summary: John is the Personification of Britain. Sherlock is Intrepid Adventuring. Greg is the poor bastard who deserves a raise for putting up with them.

(Mycroft is, of course, the British Government.)
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Title: A Spirited Companion
Author: TardisIsTheOnlyWaytoTravel
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Rating: T
Story Links: AO3
Author Links: AO3
Summary: In which John is a ghost haunting the skull on Sherlock's mantlepiece.
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Title: Arcana
Author: rosa_acicularis
Fandom: Sherlock(BBC)
Rating: M
Story Links: AO3 | FFnet (partial) | LJ
Author Links: AO3 | FFnet | A Teaspoon and an Open Mind (Dr. Who fic only) | LJ
Summary: Sometimes, her grandmother has said, in the simplest, strongest of magics that’s all that’s required – a sacrifice and an intent. Her blood, and his words: I want to forget.

In which Joanna Watson is a witch, Sherlock Holmes is himself, and every spell has its price.
Excerpt )

Reccer's Notes: The magic aspect is fit so well into the story.
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Title: The Least of All Possible Mistakes
Author: rageprufrock
Fandom: Sherlock(BBC)
Rating: M
Story Links: AO3
Author Links: AO3 | LJ | tumblr | dreamwidth
Summary: If a people ever deserving, it's Holmeses.
Excerpt )
Reccer's Notes: This is quite different from the usual fic that I read, but it's one of my favorite fics in the sherlock fandom and one that I keep coming back to. The fic is centered around a female Lestrade, which is quite unusual, but what makes me love this fic its amazing level of complexity and detail.


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