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Title: corrupt the sky
Author: Eclipse Rose (Antartique on AO3)
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Rating: M
Warnings: Gore. Creeptastic stuff.
Story Links: FFnet | AO3
Author Links: FFnet | AO3
Summary: Daemon Spade knew he would get bored of small inside works in the Vongola. It had taken two hundred years, but it finally happened. Now, though, inside work through a carefully groomed heir sounds way more interesting than anything he has ever done before. It must mean something that there are two Sawada brothers, right?

Sawada Tsunayoshi was ten when he realized the story wasn't about him. He was just a supporting character, even if he was the one with the cursed pacifier stone thing, the one who saw all the ghosts and the one with the tutor from hell. Well, maybe he is the damsel-in-distress. Or, the antagonist. Yeah, maybe he is the antagonist, that sounds good to him.

Reborn arrived (peaceful, normal) Namimori to train Sawada Hidetada to be the next Vongola boss, with the orders that no word about the Mafia must reach the younger brother. Hidetada, meanwhile, just wants to live a law-abiding life in his definitely not-Mafia-infested town.

Also known as: the fic where everyone is extremely fucked up and Kawahira is everywhere and ruins everyone's lives. Also, Hellhole Island Namimori feeds on the blood and tears of her citizens.

“My name is Reborn.” And then the baby sort of, pulled Hide down somehow mysterious (he refuses to admit he was kicked in the head by a baby, even if that baby is Reborn) and stepped on his back. Hard. “I will be your home tutor starting today.”

Well, he guessed weirder things had happened. He lived in a town where odd things tended to gather -or rather, lived with the person odd things tended to gather around. There was the creepy ghosts in old town, Hibari-sempai and the DC ruled most -if not all- of Nami Circle's schools with an iron fist somehow (really, how did the police not interfere?), Yamamoto Takeshi was the second coming of Matsui Hideki and his mother's cooking had healing properties. A few towns away there was a kid with crosses as pupils and his little brother had a glowing stone pacifier he got from an old man in a store that didn’t actually exist.

He wanted to draw the line at tutor babies with highly articulate speech and monstrous strength (how old was the baby, one? Two?), except Tsuna was there, picking up Reborn and kicking Hide’s shoulder.

“Get up, Hide-nii, it is dinner time.”

Reccer's Notes: You see that Arcobaleno!Tsuna tag? Do not expect fluffy/smutty Arcobaleno + Tsuna interactions. Or Sky Arcobaleno = coughing up blood angst. Nope, not here.

A summary of major changes to the canon storyline: a)Tsuna has an older brother, Hidetada, who's the future Vongola Decimo etc. etc. b) There is a lot of kooky shit. Namimori is extremely fucked up. In a way which is explained by in-universe flame mechanics, which. Bonus worldbuilding! c) Tsuna being Arcobaleno, though nothing exciting has happened as a direct result (yet). d) Daemon Spade.

(what do I even tag this as. Weird AU? Creepy AU? Lovecraftian elements? *throws up hands* Let's just go with dark AU.)


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